One achieves what is difficult
and attempts the impossible...


The difficult thing is done,
the impossible is attempted...

Soon after I was born, I contracted polio. Since then, I have only set myself one thing: to exceed every limit to “live on my feet.” When I reached the highest route on the planet with my adapted bicycle, I marked a true world landmark.

My family’s love that always supports me so that each challenge becomes a goal is the key to my achievements.

If you can’t go fast, slow down but don’t stop

See Jean in action

Jean Maggi

Adrenaline without limits


It is the most level sport, the speeds and the difficulties of the slopes are the same for a skier standing or one in a saddle. Mine is a dualsky but they come monosky. This generates a lot of adrenaline but it must be complemented with gym and aerobic sports.


It is the version of a classic bicycle adapted to be able to pedal with your hands. It has three wheels with which I can achieve average speeds of 23 km / h. In moments of good training I have come to do 90 km in a single day.


In my opinion, in sports you have to sweat, that's why I consider it just entertainment. I play standing with a stick in one arm and with the other I grab the stick.


The chair has five wheels that give it stability and speed when turning. For me it is the most fun sport, it has the same rules of classical tennis except that the person who plays in the chair has two spikes.


It is the first sport I practice as a team, which attracts me and creates many challenges. I use the five-wheel chair to stabilize myself in the movements and move comfortably on the court among the other players.


It is a wake board that is adapted so that you can use it seated and so that it is easy to maneuver in the water. I can reach high speeds, which requires good reflexes and a lot of balance.


I play squash with a chair that has five wheels that give it stability and quick turns, to reach all the walls of the court. It is a sport that attracts me with its agility and dynamism.

Horse riding

Horse riding is the sport and practice of horse riding.
Horse riding is a specialty within equestrian sports, and both rider and horse are evaluated in it. There are different specialties.


Jean Maggi